Yes! It is time for a major update of our Tripmii iOS App with tons of improvements and new features. For some of them we already waited a long time 😀 What immediately catches the eye: The app has a new icon! The navigation is no longer hidden in a menu, but at the bottom […]

We have fantastic news for all trip bloggers: It’s much easier now to locate places of your journey on the map and create your travel route! By tapping the arrow-icon you can use your current location to create a destination right were you are. By using the image-and-pin-icon you can easily select one of your photos that includes […]

Adding tips to your TripBlog is the best way to give your followers valuable information about the places you found. Unfortunately sometimes the most important information are missing: How to get there, what are the opening hours or what are other visitors are saying about this location? To make it a lot easier for you to provide those information, […]

The larger a TripBlog gets, the longer it takes to load all the destinations and pictures. I would say, this is pretty obviously. Especially if you load Jan’s wonderful TripBlog “OperaciĂłn Pinwinu AntĂ­poda” with the impressive count of 79 destinations and 732 pictures, it takes about 30 seconds to open the TripBlog. And well … sometimes even the App crashes 🙄  […]

The news section has always been a good place to stay informed about updates of other Tripmii users, pictures they like or their comments on images and destinations. But it was about time to give the news section an update. Why not display all those beautiful, inspiring and interesting pictures that comments and likes are all about? Instead of a […]

In the world of social networks there are two elementary principles on how people connect with each other. The “Friendship-Principle” and the “Follower-Principle”. You know Facebook and yes for sure you know Twitter. By now they are offering almost the same flower bouquet of features, but there is still one big difference: It’s the way […]

Facebook does it with their services and Foursquare does it with their app. There are situations, when you should think about separating your app into two (or even more). From The Users Perspective As a user, I’m really grateful, when I don’t have to navigate through a feature packed app to find one feature I relay want to […]

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First User from Korea testing the Unicode function on out database! check!!!!