The larger a TripBlog gets, the longer it takes to load all the destinations and pictures. I would say, this is pretty obviously. Especially if you load Jan’s wonderful TripBlog “Operación Pinwinu Antípoda” with the impressive count of 79 destinations and 732 pictures, it takes about 30 seconds to open the TripBlog. And well … sometimes even the App crashes 🙄 

So we thought, there is some room for optimizations! With the latest update of our Tripmii App, being released this week, we speeded up the loading times of the TripBlogs dramatically. What we did, is pretty simple: We reduced the amount of destinations being loaded, when you open the TripBlog. As you only can see one destination at once, why preload all of them?
Now the App only loads the specific destination you want to see and the next destination if you open it. This saves resources of your phone and your data volume … and the app won’t crash anymore while browsing through all those beautiful TripBlogs.

So update the App now and enjoy! 🙂 

The App is available for your iPhone.