Yes! It is time for a major update of our Tripmii iOS App with tons of improvements and new features.

For some of them we already waited a long time 😀

  • What immediately catches the eye: The app has a new icon!
  • The navigation is no longer hidden in a menu, but at the bottom of the app. Thus, it is now much easier to reach.
  • The TripBlog overview got a fresh and modern layout.
  • The TripBlogs can be sorted by relevance, timeliness, popularity, date of creation, travel date and number of stations.
  • You can search for TripBlogs you are interested in.
  • The country pages are now also available in the app: Here you will find the most important travel information, the travel season and all TripBlogs from major destinations.
  • The user profile can now be filled right inside the app … now there are no more excuses 😉



… and don’t forget to rate the app in the AppStore, if you like the it. Thank you!