All you need is the Tripmii App and a TripBlog. Sydney, Paris, New York, Berlin … for more than 600 places there are especially lovingly designed stamps to discover. Choose a style and write your feeling in this place in a word. By the way, you can also add stamps to your stations later. Collect […]

So erstellst Du einen Travel Blog schneller als die Koffer zu packen! Mit Tripmii kannst du in Sekunden deinen eigenen Reiseblog oder dein persönliches Reisetagebuch erstellen. Melde dich einfach an und lege direkt los. Schreibe Reiseberichte, lade Fotos hoch oder hinterlasse Tips für andere Traveller.   Tracke Deine Reiseroute und ergänze sie mit allen Fotos, Tipps und […]

Travelpod shut the doors. What ist the Alternative? It’s always sad to to see a veteran close the doors, but TravelPod did a great job over the last 20 years and can be extremely proud of the huge community they built.   At Tripmii we have newer TravelPod with more and better Features. With a focus on beautiful […]

Travelpod hat seinen Dienst eingestellt. Wie sieht die Alternative aus? Eine sehr ausgereifte vielleicht beste Alternative zu Travelpod ist Tripmii. Vor allem Traveller sind überzeugt von dem kostenlosen Dienst!   Es ist schade zu sehen, dass ein Urgestein seinen Dienst einstellt, besonders wenn es sich um längjährige, etablierte Marktteilnehmer handelt. Auf der anderen Seite bieten sich so Chancen für neue Unternehmen und Startups. […]

  Yes! It is time for a major update of our Tripmii iOS App with tons of improvements and new features. For some of them we already waited a long time 😀 What immediately catches the eye: The app has a new icon! The navigation is no longer hidden in a menu, but at the bottom […]

Our brand-new country pages are the perfect way to evaluate the best travel destinations of a country. Beautiful pictures, excellent tips and useful first-hand experiences right from our traveller. And in addition you get climate details to all countries and many cities to find your personal and perfect travel season.     Happy travelling!

We have fantastic news for all trip bloggers: It’s much easier now to locate places of your journey on the map and create your travel route! By tapping the arrow-icon you can use your current location to create a destination right were you are. By using the image-and-pin-icon you can easily select one of your photos that includes […]

Adding tips to your TripBlog is the best way to give your followers valuable information about the places you found. Unfortunately sometimes the most important information are missing: How to get there, what are the opening hours or what are other visitors are saying about this location? To make it a lot easier for you to provide those information, […]

The larger a TripBlog gets, the longer it takes to load all the destinations and pictures. I would say, this is pretty obviously. Especially if you load Jan’s wonderful TripBlog “Operación Pinwinu Antípoda” with the impressive count of 79 destinations and 732 pictures, it takes about 30 seconds to open the TripBlog. And well … sometimes even the App crashes 🙄  […]

With the latest update of the Tripmii Website, we improved the user experience for everybody using a mobile device. With the help of the Responsive Design Tripmii now looks awesome on every device, not only on those with a large screen size. Navigation elements, layouts, text, images and other elements re-adjust themselves on the variety of devices […]