With the latest update of the Tripmii Website, we improved the user experience for everybody using a mobile device. With the help of the Responsive Design Tripmii now looks awesome on every device, not only on those with a large screen size. Navigation elements, layouts, text, images and other elements re-adjust themselves on the variety of devices […]

Photo Carlo Drechsler Carlo Drechsler started his surf trip in January 2015 along the west coast of Africa, from Morocco to South Africa, looking for waves and experiences. He crossed the Sahara, visited the magic Pays Dogon, taught at a Senegalese School, discussed with revolutionists in Burkina Faso. After nine months he reached South Africa. Now […]

The news section has always been a good place to stay informed about updates of other Tripmii users, pictures they like or their comments on images and destinations. But it was about time to give the news section an update. Why not display all those beautiful, inspiring and interesting pictures that comments and likes are all about? Instead of a […]

In the world of social networks there are two elementary principles on how people connect with each other. The “Friendship-Principle” and the “Follower-Principle”. You know Facebook and yes for sure you know Twitter. By now they are offering almost the same flower bouquet of features, but there is still one big difference: It’s the way […]

   Do you love the feeling, when you get a stamp into your Passport, whenever you cross a boarder? With TripStamp you’ll now be able to collect stamps not just when crossing a boarder, but for every place you travel to – with your iPhone or with your Apple Watch! Sydney, Paris, New York, Berlin, […]

As an user of the Tripmii app you probably already asked yourself, why it’s so much easier to create and edit your TripBlogs using the app, than using the edit mode on the website. Honestly? This is exactly what we asked ourself! And the good news is … with the latest update, we brought both worlds together. We […]

Tripmii is the app that makes it so easy! I would go even further and say Tripmii is the easiest way to get your own travel blog. First of all, the app and the Tripmii web platform is for free! No costs and no ads and freedom for your data. Thats fair … and makes easy to test! […]

Facebook does it with their services and Foursquare does it with their app. There are situations, when you should think about separating your app into two (or even more). From The Users Perspective As a user, I’m really grateful, when I don’t have to navigate through a feature packed app to find one feature I relay want to […]