As an user of the Tripmii app you probably already asked yourself, why it’s so much easier to create and edit your TripBlogs using the app, than using the edit mode on the website.

Honestly? This is exactly what we asked ourself! And the good news is … with the latest update, we brought both worlds together. We united three pages to only one single page. No jumping backward and forward anymore. Instant saving of your changes, better performance … and it even looks much better. It’s so easy now to create and handle your TripBlog!  🙂

But the best of all: You probably already know this from our iPhone App … you are now able to publish destination after destination. You don’t have to wait to finish the last destination of your journey till you can publish your TripBlog. Instead publish a destination as soon as it is completed and let your friends and family know how and where you are.

Enjoy your trip!