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To delete the whole travel diary, you first have to delete every single destination. At the last destination you will be asked, if you want to delete the Tavel diary. This is to prevent the user from accidentally deleting the entire diary.

The photo book can have 600 pages max. But no worries! When there are more than 600 pages, we can spread the diary over multiple books. So there is no limitation!

The order of the pictures is based on that in the travel diary. That means sorting the pictures in the travel diary also changes the order of the pictures in the photo book.

The idea is that you have as little additional effort as possible to create a book, since you have already done the main work while writing the trip blog.

Below of each published Travel Diary there is an icon with three arrows. When you click on it a menu opens with a couple of sharing options. You can share hidden as well as visible diaries. 

You can add up to 30 photos to each destination. The number of destinations you can add to a diary is unlimited.